Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Top 3 October Favourites

Hi everyone and welcome back to the blog! With LFW over for this season, it's as if the whole of London has let out a sight of relief and blissfully retreated to their sofas to lap up all the autumnal cosy vibes. In fact, with Autumn in full swing, we have been reflecting on our top 3 favourites for the season - we have included a little bit of everything in our selection from the night in essentials to our favourite picks for when we do leave the comfort (and central heating!) of the house to venture outside. You can also find included some insight into London with the event we just don't want to miss out on! Hope this gives you some ideas to truly enjoy Autumn at its best - let us know what you are up to this October, we hope you have a great one!

1.  The Night In Essentials -   The arrival of Autumn calls for one big night in - we want a cosy evening with Netflix, aaall the snacks and our beauty essentials (face masks, moisturisers, everything!) firmly by our side. Luckily, our gorgeous Eva clutch bags are multi use and ideal not only for nights out. In fact, they are so delightfully roomy to stash all your beauty essentials for indulgent nights in or spontaneous mini breaks away. If, like us, you can't wait to organise a cosy night in set up (and love supporting small businesses along the way!) , why not add a gorgeous throw from our friends over at Chunky Couture? Their knitted perfection is just what nights in were made for!

(Pic via Chunky Couture)

2. The Night Out Favourites -   Autumn and Winter may be the official night in seasons but we know that Pepper Alley girls (and boys of course!) are a brave lot who won't let a little chill get in the way of their evening plans. For this reason, we have selected a few gold and rose gold picks to add warmth to your nights out. A touch of golden is our monthly inspiration and, with such gorgeous styles, it's very easy to see why! You can find our golden favourites here and here.

3. The Event Not to Miss -  Halloween can often be a difficult evening to navigate and, let's be honest,  the spookiest night of the year can easily turn into a logistical nightmare. After all, the possibilities are endless - house party or night out? To dress up or not to dress up? And if we choose to dress up, what shall we go as? It's to easy to end up in a seasonal question loop but luckily Tonight Josephine and Benefit have found the perfect solution for us. Their halloween collaborations involves cocktails, make up and the opportunity to shop Benefit Goodies - everything we love! If you are interested, you can grab your friends and book tickets here.

We hope you are enjoying this gorgeous season so far - keep your eyes peeled for a post on our newbies coming soon and, as always, you can stay posted with all things Pepper Alley on our Instagram and Pinterest Channels.


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Monday, 17 September 2018

London Fashion Week Day 1 and 2 - Our Favourite Moments

When #LFW rolls round, things get a little crazy here in London - it's as if the pace just picks right up and we're all dashing between shows and meetings to find a quick 5 minutes to jot down content and share it. This year is no different but we have managed to get more organised in order to share our Day 1 and 2 highlights - grab your coffee and get reading as there is already lots to talk about. Let us know what you think of this post and we'll continue to share our highlights if you want. Happy Fashion Month and Happy Monday!

(Picture via Pinterest)

It's a Family Affair for Victoria Beckham -

Glowing, professional and, at times, a little teary, Victoria Beckham does it all so effortlessly whether it's business, fashion or raising a family. This perhaps explains why she celebrates 10 years in business this #LFW with the icing on the fashion cake being her much awaited relocation to London. In fact, the designer has previously always chosen New York to showcase her designs. From the location (an art gallery near her Mayfair Boutique FIY) to the fashion (think classic VB tailoring with romantic lace accents and transparencies), every choice suggests grown up glamour for the designer whom, in true VB style, quietly announces her fashion evolution with her hometown return as opposed to shouting it from the rooftops. Extra points for the presence of Stella Tennant, 47 year old model veteran who apparently never seems to age, and her very own Harper watching adoringly with her father and brothers - showing that for VB, fashion really does go full circle, even in terms of age.

(Pictures via @victoriabeckham)

Getting Ready for Take Off with Alexa Chung -

With a show entitled 'Arrivals and Departures', Chung marks her fashion week debut. A nod to her life as traveler and original member of the fashion jet set, the collection is punctuated by safari chic items, a generous helping of Hibiscus Print and precious details. As inspired by her golden babes on the catwalk, we'll be channeling the dewy highlighter glow as well as crossing our fingers that the bucket bags donned on her catwalk are here to stay for next Spring / Summer. Our highlight? Her admission that, despite her success, she still suffers from imposter syndrome at times - showing us mere mortals that even fashion royalty can get cabin fever.

(Pictures via @alexachungstagram)

Street Style Inspiration -

Only yesterday, we took to Instagram to discuss how we sometimes prefer street style to the catwalks during LFW and we were surprised to see how many of you agreed with us! Your reasons included the practicality of street style, how it gives you inspiration for your own wardrobe and how the catwalks still, at times, remain a little over the top. While designers' efforts to turn down the drama and make the catwalks accessible for all are notable, it is also understandable that street style is what most of us turn to when putting looks together. After all, who fancies ruffles, theatrical lengths and kitten heels to catch the City line? Here are our favourite street style looks so far - and yes, we are partial to a chunky trainer, pops of colour à la Susie Bubble and smart male tailoring. What are your favourite street style looks?

 (Picture via @sineadcrowe)

(Picture via @susiebubble)

(Picture via @williamjwade)

So here are our highlights so far - remember to find us on Instagram at @pepper_alley as we continue the #LFW conversation.


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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Top 3 September Back to School Tips

Happy September! We are so excited for this new season and we hope that you are all returning to work, University or College refreshed and relaxed. The return to 'real life' after a summer of sunshine can be difficult so today, we have you covered with our top three organisational and motivational tips for the season. If you are still on holiday (we are so jealous!), you can read this pool side to ease you into returning to the daily grind and if you are back in work already - you've got this babes.

1. Organisation is Key -  You probably have plans for all the amazing things you are going to do this September. Smash your day job? Check. Sort out your closet to reveal a fantastic Autumn wardrobe? Check. Introduce an exercise regime and stick to it? Check. Make lots of plans with friends to make the most of Autumn in your town? Check. There are so many things that we want to do come September and so many plans we actually want to stick to yet everyday pressures make it sometimes difficult. For this, we aim to stay as organised as we can - to do lists, planners, all the diaries in the world.... you name it and we'll probably have whatever new tool is promising a more organised life. A recent favourite we'd like to try? Plate Planner - a planner which aims to improve your organisation around meal times. We'll be using this to plan our dinners when we get in late from work in the evenings - no more empty fridge dilemmas! Similarly,  to stay more organised when we are out and about, we'll be popping a mini Edie Pencil Case in our bags before we go out - how gorgeous are these?

2.  Seize Inspiration -  September is the best time to find the inspiration. After all, it is fashion month and what better way to get a little wardrobe inspiration that attending a catwalk show? London Fashion Week Festival puts on some great shows as well as industry talks and we can't wait for all the shopping opportunities. You can find more information here - and yes, we'll be the ones elbow deep in clothes! Another way we are seizing inspiration is by mixing up our outfits and playing with fabrics - how gorgeous is our Suede Clemmie Tote? A little twist on the classic leather Clemmie totes but a seasonal staple nonetheless.

 3.  A Kind Gesture -  Following A-level results, so many hopeful and nervous students will be heading to University this September and chances are, someone close to you (whether a friend or relative!) is worried about making the big move too. Why not help them get organised for September and show them you're thinking of them with a little gift. Our favourites include a monogrammed Clemmie Tote or a cute Polly Keyring which is not only ideal as a good wish for a new house but also a helpful tool in minimising the lost key / locked out scenario which we all know too well. 

Do you love September as much as we do? Let us know what you are most looking forward to this Autumn. 


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Monday, 20 August 2018

Summer Wedding - It's Never too Late!

Summer is almost over; the last of the summer wine is being consumed and you are turning your gaze towards the new season. What will AW18 hold? What will London Fashion Week have in store for us? And most importantly, can you get away with buying yet another Edie pencil case for the sake of 'Back to School'?! (Of course you can, take it from us). However, before you leave summer fully behind, it's time to face that seasonal hybrid that comes to visit time and time again - the late summer, early September wedding. This occasion is enough to send even the most experienced wedding guests in a flurry of indecision - bare skin or tights? Can I get away with a short dress? And ultimately, shall I take a cardi? Fear not, friends of Pepper Alley - we are prepared with three top tips for you to ace the Autumn Edition of wedding guest style.

  • Don't Be Afraid to Dare - While summer weddings bring their fair share of saccharine hues and  sweet pastel tones, late summer and autumn dos bring the opportunity to opt for a more daring style. Don't be afraid to experiment with dress lengths, bolder make up or a touch of metallic during the day - it's what Autumn weddings were made for. We love the rich golden of our Flora and Clara clutch and wristlet - the perfect piece to wish summer goodbye in style. 

  • Turn up the Drama -  Have you read tip number one? Well, read it again and this time take it up a notch. Take inspiration from the colours around you - the last of the summer wine, the sky getting a little moodier than usual, the seasonal produce turning a dark shade of crimson...all the beauty that nature has to offer at this time of year. We love a Charcoal Eva clutch - the perfect shade to pair with deep oranges and purples. 

It's All About Balance  -  Just like the seasons gradually change from one to another in an effortless transition, your look for a late summer wedding needs to work in perfect harmony. An unexpected bare leg can be pared back with a satin shawl to wrap up for a chilly evening or a bright colour can be expertly toned down with some clever neutrals. Similarly, a hairstyle that is too severe can be easily softened with barely there make up or a bold lip can be matched to flawless skin reminiscent of that summer glow. Our favourite way to pare back a bold look? With our palette of neutrals of course. 

Remember that if you need more wedding style topics,  you can find more inspo right here . 

Wishing you a happy end to the summer holidays -  we can't wait to show you what we have in store for September. 


Pepper Alley HQ X 

Friday, 3 August 2018

We're on Pinterest!

Good morning and happy start to the weekend! We hope you are all having a good summer (and no, we haven't forgotten our favourite London recommendations, keep an eye on our Instagram, @pepper_alley, as those are coming very soon). We are checking in today to share some exciting news regarding our social media presence. You know that we absolutely LOVE Instagram and that we also enjoy the odd tweet here and there. However, as you know Pepper Alley is a brand born out of inspiration and which continues to be influenced by the various inspirations that shape our work. Whether it's London, colour or effortless style, there are numerous mood boards scattered around the office (and saved on our laptops!) that we always refer to when planning new collections, social media content or blog posts.

We know you love following along with our journey as a small business and we have been wondering, for a while now, on the best way to share our inspirational content with you guys. We are thrilled to have global clients that we can call our friends and in order to reach all of you and share what inspires us and motivates us everyday, Pinterest seemed like a no brainer.

So, what can you expect? There will be a monthly board giving you aall the inspiration for the four weeks ahead. Today, we are kicking off with our Travel Edit board giving us all the beach and sun vibes as well as the fashion finds we have been loving for the season. Similarly, there will also be an edit of our favourite Pepper Alley products for the month ahead - from the ideal tote to clutches and accessories, we really have thought of everything.

We hope you enjoy following us on Pinterest and we hope our boards inspire you and, why not, encourage you to try something new this summer and in the months to come too.

You can find us on Pinterest right here.


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Friday, 27 July 2018

The Travel Edit Part II

Happy Friday babes! It's been a manic few weeks here in the office - we have been super busy with orders and last minute vacay planning not to mention enjoying this heat wave by being out and about in London every single weekend. While we have had a fabulous time, we haven't had much time to sit down and have a well deserved break which is something we are most certainly looking forward to once the entire London population goes on holiday and the streams of emails we receive every day are replaced with the good old out of office response. However, we thought we would check in with you before the holiday season is in full swing with one last instalment of our travel edit. While in the first post we had fun matching a Pepper Alley essential to a sought after holiday destination, we thought we would keep things fairly laid-back this time round and chat you through our three holiday essentials. A little last minute holiday shopping / packing guide if you will, just in time for your travels. Not jetting off this summer? We've got you babes - make sure to give us a follow on Instagram ( @pepper_alley) as we will be busy sharing our favourite London spots for a real #summerinthecity vibe.

1. The In Flight Essential - 

Our Eva clutch is perhaps a lesser known member of our collection but don't be fooled by its minimalistic allure - sure, the Eva may not be as bold as a metallic Clemmie tote or as fun as a Flora clutch but this little gem is not to be underestimated. This understated clutch is made with soft Italian leather, like the rest of our collection, yet it truly packs a punch when considering it's a larger version of our signature Flora so ideal to store all your inflight essentials. Skin care staples? Check. Passport, phone and purse? Check. It's also roomy enough to store your tablet and beach lounger read - a true holiday staple. After a pop of colour to truly get in the holiday spirit? Not to worry, you can choose from dreamy purple or orange liberty lining fabric - we love the purple for a subtle nod to the 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year trend. You can shop the Eva here.

2. The Beach to Bar Bag - 

Gone are the days of using tragic sportswear bags as beach bags or, worse, the freebie totes reminiscent of University Career Fairs. No, this summer, we are after something a little more glamorous, a little more fancy. Luckily, our golden Clemmie tote is just that. Delightfully spacious to store all your beach essentials but sufficiently glamorous to effortlessly take you from daytime chic to evening aperitifs, this tote is a true multitasker. Who doesn't love a little sparkle on holiday? If you, like us, can't wait to channel the bronze goddess look you can find the Clemmie tote here.

3. The Evening Gem - 

There comes a time on every holiday where your usual accessories just don't cut it. Whether it's the surprise dinner overlooking sensational views, the impromptu party or a final evening where you fancy 'making more of an effort', there are occasions which demand signature, iconic pieces. We love packing Flora's little sister, the Clara wristlet, for a little back up should a spontaneous opportunity come knocking on our door. This little gem is tiny enough to effortlessly slot in our heaving suitcases with minimal effort and outrageously glamorous on the inside and outside. In fact, it's golden exterior is perfectly complemented by its satin ruby lining. We heard July's birthstone is the ruby so what better excuse to treat yourself to this mini signature staple? You can shop the piece right here.

We hope you enjoyed this round up of our favourite holiday staples - remember to send us a snap if any of these make their way into your suitcase.

Wishing you a wonderful summer!


Pepper Alley HQ X 

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Pepper Alley Travel Edit

We can't quite believe it but, at last, July is finally here! As summer arrives, so does our craving for warmer weather and holiday destinations and what better way to begin the month than with a little travel inspiration? We bring you three holiday destinations and, with each, the ideal Pepper Alley treat to match the occasion. Staying at home this summer? No worries, we have really thought of everything so be sure to check back in for a special post dedicated to the magic of the staycation with our favourite London spots. Happy summer and happy travelling babes!

Capri With Our Eva Clutch -  With our products being made exclusively with gorgeous Italian leather, how could we not start with Capri? Ideal for those looking to combine culture with glamour, the island of Capri offers the perfect mix of sight seeing and luxury shopping. With its fair share of celebrities arriving on their yachts to spend the weekend, this destination is perfect if you enjoy a little cool spotting on your holiday and can't wait to make all your friends at home jealous with your oh so effortless Instagram shots. Our top pick for this destination? Our metallic Eva clutch with surprise Peacock Blue lining, perfectly suited to match the cool blue of the sea.

Santorini with Rosie -  When it comes to matching cool blues and cloudless skies, packing our denim Rosie tote comes as a no brainer. We can't wait to personalise this little denim gem and allowing it to effortlessly take us from airport to hotel and from beach to evening cocktails. With its understated glamour, our Rosie is the perfect piece to pair with summer brights to match the island's glamorous yet laid-back style. Following its re - launch, we just can't get enough of the Rosie - particularly, its summer inspired texture which mixes the other worldliness of crystals and the ease of summer dressing.

St Tropez with our Flora in Gold - Nothing proudly shouts glitz and glam like this iconic French destination making our metallic numbers ideal for the occasion. Channel night time glamor with our Flora in Gold which will no doubt make you the best dressed guest at all those late night parties and yacht hopping. Heading there for a romantic getaway and not sure partying will feature highly on your list of priorities? Not to worry, our roomy Flora can double up as a make up bag to store all your essentials at the beach - a true multitasker.

Here's to one hot, stylish summer!

Pepper Alley HQ X