Sunday, 18 June 2017

Dear Dad, Thank You!

From fragrance to fashion to DIY tips and advice on bad boyfriends, we have an awful lot to thank our dads for!

It all started with an old article, one of those you loved reading and cherish in a memory box despite it being all crumpled up and almost illegible as the years inevitably make their mark on the ink. This particular one was courtesy of Annabel Meggeson at Red Magazine and reflected on the evocative power of male fragrance.  Meggeson explored fragrance and romance yet, on reading, we were instantly transported back into a childhood reverie of Sunday mornings, fresh croissants and dad's Hugo Boss waltzing round the kitchen as he read the morning papers. 

Nowadays, thanks to the phenomenon of brands such as Jo Malone, it is fashionable for women to wear male fragrance and a cloud of Dior's Sauvage on the tube radiating from an impeccably dressed woman is not uncommon. This truly got us thinking about how much we borrow from male fashion daily and, particularly, how many things we owe to our dads so to all the fathers, in no particular order, thank you for:

Your free advice from everything from finance to DIY:  You know the drill, you have just moved into your new flat and you just want to shout 'INDEPENDENCE' from the rooftops. You know exactly what decor style you're going for, you have the pinterest boards ready and you're planning your housewarming canapé menu until disaster strikes and you realise you need a hand with the painting, the floorboards and just about everything in this new house of yours. Cue the panic text to dad who loving comes around to help at no extra cost not counting numerous cups of tea throughout the day!

The Unlikely Fashion Inspiration: Had you told us twenty years ago that we would have been taking style inspiration from our dads, we would have laughed at you yet it is hard to deny that the 'dad charm' has taken the fashion world by storm. Think plaid shirts, fitted tailoring and structured silhouttes; yes, you've guessed it, if you're looking for us we will be raiding dad's closet!

The Free Taxi Service: 'Don't worry, I'll call an Uber', you shouted as you rolled your eyes ready to leave the house. However, it's now 2am, it's raining, you're in high heels and your modern day carriage has effectively stood you up as you refresh the app for the millionth time. Yep, little does it matter if you're thirteen or thirty, if it's late and you're stranded, you're calling dad.

The Right Word at Exactly the Right Time:  Dads sometimes get a bad rep for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and being just a little clueless especially in relation to their teenage daughters. However, one day or more times than that (depending on how lucky you got with your dad!) the miracle will happen and your father will suprise you ; be it a mention at a new band you love, unexpected  yet informed advice into the world of social media or a snide remark at an ex boyfriend you hate, your father will completely surprise you and you will feel just a tiny bit proud!

So here we have it, a little thank you list for dads all over the world in time for Father's Day! And if you want to spoil pops this Father's Day, do treat him to a Lou Tote perfect for work and travel and impeccably stylish with its urban feel and creamy Italian leather!

Happy Father's Day!


Pepper Alley HQ X 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Summer in The City // Part One

"Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
— Samuel Johnson

Even Johnson said it, if you are tired of London, you are tired of life. However, we are pretty sure that Johhnson did not have to deal with rush hour on the tube, paying £7 for a pint or petty arguing over outside seating with other Londoners once the sun graces us with its presence. For this reason, we thought we would start a new series sharing all that we love about the hidden side of London, one where selfie sticks are (thankfully!) not in sight. See it as a form of escapism from the busy side of London, a holiday in your own city or simply, the opportunity to have fun, be inspired and recharge your batteries without the expense of an international flight.

Graduate Fashion Week //  

This event presents the work of students and graduates from around the world. It is your ticket to fast inspiration courtesy of the most creative bright minds in the industry with the promise of exhibitions, shows and a Gala Award show. Unconvinced? What if we told you that this platform helped launch the success of the likes of Christopher Bailey MBE, Stella McCartney and Julien Macdonald to name a few? See you there! Get your tickets here. Oh and remember to wow the fashion crowd with statement accessories, this number we wore at Cardiff Fashion week fits the bill perfectly - metallics anyone?

London Wine Week //

In need of a holiday? Always dreamed of dropping everything and escaping to the Mediterranean? Well, now this is (almost!) possible - a three day pop - up is coming to East London bringing all the charm of European vineyards for a fraction of the price. With music, drinks, food and all the best parts of a holiday rolled into one major event, you really can't say no ; grab your tickets here and pass the rosè! Oh and a fuss free style tip? Simple, drink your marsala and wear it too with our wine coloured tote.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! Do tweet us @Pepper_Alley if you have any recommendations of events going on around London, we will see you there!


Pepper Alley HQ X

Monday, 5 June 2017

SS17 : Metallic Fever

Welcome to the third instalment of our SS17 fashion guide! It’s time for an old favourite, a passe partout and a key colour trend influencing Pepper Alley designs season after season. You’ve guessed it, it’s time to chat metallics and from silvers and gold to the brassy rose gold hues, we’ve got them all covered!

A common misconception surrounding metallics? The notion that they’re only suitable for evening wear. On the contrary, metallic detailing adds a touch of contemporaneity to any outfit whilst remaining bold yet elegant enough for day and office wear. Take a leaf out of the books of the likes of Jonathan Anderson and Loewe and pair metallics with your office wear in an unashamedly bold and anti comformational fashion like a true #GIRLBOSS. 

Want to have your (metallic) cake and eat it too? Combine two of the biggest SS17 trends and pair metallics with brights (which we discussed in this post). After all, brights are a metallic’s best friend and their pairing always results in an inevitably fresh and vibrant ensemble perfect for injecting some weekend glamour into your wardrobe. Our tip? Add extra glamour to a total bright look with a silver tote.

Think metallics merely revolve around the tones of silver and gold? Think again! Most shades work well in their metallic form and are perfect for creating a sports - luxe city vibe. Tired of Peter Pan collars and fairytale inspiration dominating the catwalk this SS17? Make like an urban princess at Chanel's SS17 show and toughen up your look with a metallic jumpsuit. Alternatively, for a statement that isn’t quite so bold, pair a monochrome jumpsuit with a metallic clutch and let the our Peacock Blue lining do the talking! 

Our ultimate tips when it comes to metallics? It's all down to taking note from the past (rose gold remains very popular, just ask the instagram crowd!) and appreciating that good things come in small packages (like our  Claras, the mini metallic clutches ideal to store your phone, keys and money for a night out!)

Happy Holiday Shopping!


Pepper Alley HQ  X

( * Fashion Pictures Source: Pinterest )

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

SS17 : Fairytale Fantasy

Welcome to the second instalment of our picks for SS17 trends! While it is known that summer trends are chosen by designers well in advance and showcased to the fashion world as early as six months ahead, we thought it would make more sense to discuss our favourites now. Let's be honest, it is very difficult to get excited by the prospect of light fabrics and pretty pastels during a UK January where it is raining outside and we're all still getting over the post Christmas blues. However, now is the perfect time to chat summer fashion especially as this heatwave calls for holiday and summer wedding inspiration. So, after declaring our love for brights last week, it is now time for blush hues, ballerina vibes and the fairytale detailing which has dominated the catwalk this SS17.

Marchesa's SS17 show did not hold back when it came to tulle, embellishments and detailing following a more is more approach. The prêt-à-porter, more city appropriate alternative? Accessories! By incorporating blush tones into your outfit and allowing the fairytale trend to sweep into your beauty regime too, this trend can be easily made city and office friendly. Our suggestions? Our blush Clemmie Tote to store all your daily essentials paired with a romantic, heat friendly plait as seen at Valentino's SS17 show.

While this SS17 trend is largely influenced by pink, blush and nude hues, it is certainly not limited to them. In fact, monochrome and darker, more intricate patterns took centre stage at Dior's SS17. Whilst still gorgeous and saturated with layers and detailing, this take on fairytale fashion proves more practical for city dressing and adds an edge to an otherwise very soft look,

Our suggestions for channeling this look? Our creamy Flora clutch in black is perfect when paired with pastel hues to elevate an outfit and keep your look sharp.

Our favourite event showcasing a multitude of SS17 trends all at once? The (almost!) Royal Wedding of course! The bride, Pippa Middleton, channeled fairytale vibes in a bespoke Giles Deacon dress while Kate Middleton and her mother complimented the bride perfectly in Alexander McQueen and Katherine Walker respectively.

Fancy channeling the Royal look at your next wedding? Our pastel Flora clutches are not only perfect for the occasion but also proudly British making you the best dressed guest for a fraction of the price. Oh and if it's your big day this summer, why not show your bridesmaids how special they are to you with our key rings? They come in an array of colours so you can treat your helpers to something they will use everyday and will remind them of your special day!

Happy Summer Shopping!


Pepper Alley HQ X 

(Fashion Pictures Source : Pinterest )

Thursday, 25 May 2017

SS17 : Here Come the Brights!

Seeing that the only certainty surrounding UK weather is its constant uncertainty, you would be forgiven if you were not quite prepared for this heat wave which has graced the country right before the Bank Holiday Weekend. At Pepper Alley, we've been giving summer fashion and dressing a lot of thought over the year. For this reason, we can't wait to share our favourite trends and how they inspired our leather products in three instalments. This week we start with one of our favourites, summer brights!

It all starts with a pop of bright pink at Delpozo's SS17 show ; bold lines, structured sleeves and accessories to match.

It's then the lemon yellow Grecian goddess look; reminiscent of sun, sea, sand and spontaneous, last minute getaways. (Tibi SS17).

While these brights hues may look intimidating, the key to successfully pulling them off is in keeping the rest of your outfit simple and understated, starting with your bag. A few examples? The bright pink can be muted by a clutch bag in the same colour family while the sunshine yellow can be complemented with a grey hued evening bag.

There has also been a not so subtle nod to orange and purple brights this SS17. Starting from Christian Siriano's look in total orange and finishing with Emporio Armani's SS17 purple detailing, it is evident that these colours have made statetements on the catwalk regardless of whether they dominated the whole outfit or simply elevated it through intricate detailing.

While embracing a ton sur ton with these brights may work well, it may simply make too strong a statement and appear over done. We have the perfect solution : considering that fashion is in the details, our Liberty lining is perfect to give your outfit that matching pop without looking try hard!

 So, here we have it, our carefully curated brights selection for SS17. How will you be wearing your brights this summer? Don't forget to tag us in your instagram looks: @pepper_alley


Pepper Alley HQ X

(Fashion Pictures Source: Pinterest )

Friday, 19 May 2017

Prêt-à-Instagram? // The New Way to Shop

Happy Friday and Happy Start to the Weekend!

We thought we would enjoy a  little catch up with you today : Show you the new collections, tell you all about where to get our bags as we have had some questions about this and let you into our weird and wonderful world made up of Instagram, leather bags and a little independent London business making its way into the big wide world.

 Instagram : Had you told us 10 years ago that this app would completely revolutionalise the way we browse, shop and consume, we probably would not have believed you. Shopping from the comfort of our sofas with a link in bio? As if! Love it or loathe it, it is evident that Instagram actively influences brand / consumer relationships yet we love the flexibility it gives to our jobs. Customer inquiring about a product price? We’ve got them. Visiting a quirky, new London place we want to tell you about? A quick snap on our stories and we’ve told everyone we know. Looking for some mid – afternoon inspiration? A quick search and a variety of options fill our screens. As you know, we love chatting with you about all things leather bags so, if you haven’t already, give us a follow @pepper_alley 

Shopping our Leather Products: On the subject of instagram, we have received some comments on where to find our bags. They are available on our website, on Not on The High Street and TicTail. You can shop directly from your Instagram by following the link in our bios. See? We told you it was super easy!

New Collections: We are thrilled with the success our Crystal &Denim Collection – personalisation is key to us as is the flexibility to actively respond to our clients’ wishes and produce leather products in a myriad of different colours and styles to suit all needs, tastes and occasions!

Website: Noticed anything new on the website lately? Yes, on our Our Story page, you can now browse our Instagram feed to keep in touch with all things Pepper Alley. Join in on the conversation and don’t forget to chit chat with us on twitter too @Pepper_Alley 


Pepper Alley HQ X

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

24 Hours with Pepper Alley

7:00am and it’s the sound of your alarm clock, the leap of faith towards your first cup of coffee, the reach for your keys, phone, Clemmie Tote and phone as you make a mad dash for the door. 11:00am and it’s the steady notes of laptop keyboards, the gossip with your colleagues at lunchtime and the coloured biros spilling from your Edie Pencil Case ready to turn your creative ideas into reality. The afternoon and 15:00pm bring a coffee slump and the distant longing for your bed on your return but you’re soon brought to life by an over enthusiastic colleague and the promise of after work drinks. It’s game on after that and by 17:00pm you’re swept up in a flurry of red lipstick and day to night outfit changes as you’re pulling out a  metallic Flora from your office drawer compact enough to fit all the essentials yet sufficiently sparkly to make a lasting impression. It’s then drinks, dancing and dinner (not necessarily in that order!) and an uber back home and crawling back into bed where you’ll be flicking through social media, uploading a picture and tagging @PepperAlley as you take your makeup off with the pots and potions you keep in your Cecilia Clutch on your bedside table. And tomorrow? Tomorrow, we’ll do it all again, together.

Love from the PA Team X