Friday, 11 August 2017

Catching the Last Glimpse of Summer!

Nothing like the end of summer has the power to provoke a curious mix of bitter sweet melancholia and deep promise for what lies ahead. On one side, we're busy fishing out jumpers and coats from the attic, revelling in the joy of Autumn fashion trends and anticipating the changing of the seasons yet on the other, we wish we could trip up the watch hands just to enjoy another summer lunch, a dip in a blue pool and a glass of wine overlooking our city's sunsets. 

So to keep the mid - summer blues at bay, we thought we'd chat our summer highlights and end of seasons plans today. Remember to check back for the second instalment of this series where we discuss all things Autumn and our AW17 aspirations and projects!

Pepper Alley in the Glossies

Yes, we know we have chatted about this long enough but this summer, our gorgeous handbags and clutches were treated to not one but two magazine features! Nothing can quite compete with seeing the products of your hard work featured in glossy spreads and having the opportunity to experience this twice this summer has made us even more motivated to spread the Pepper Alley love both inside and outside the office.

Crystal and Denim Success

For a brand specialising in colour and leather goods, a denim and crystal collection may not have seemed like the obvious choice yet we are so glad we took the plunge in this direction and merged it with another one of our great passions : personalisation. Spotting our friends and customers wearing these at festivals or simply to store their essentials has been wonderful and we continue to be in love with this collection which represents our laid-back and carefree philosophy at its best. 

London is always a good idea

The end of summer and, perhaps our lack of sun in the UK, always has us wishing for a one way trip somewhere exotic. However, to the joy of our credit card, our work and life responsibilities always limit such recklessness. As an antidote to the end of summer blues, we will be escaping somewhere more local but no less fancy. Our favourite spots? A speedy check in at Leman Locke Hotel because, sometimes, there is nothing better than being a tourist in your own city. 

(picture source : @lockehotels )

Last of the Summer Wine

No, we're not quite talking about our Wine Clemmie tote (although, what better way to carry your essentials at this time of year?) but our plans to enjoy late balmy evenings while the summer light is still with us. We will be making the most of this season by gathering all our family and friends round for a late summer supper, plenty of wine and the opportunity to discuss our summer adventures!

Wishing you a lovely rest of Summer!


Pepper Alley HQ X 

Friday, 28 July 2017

Pepper Alley in Inside Kent Magazine!

Not so long ago, we were inspired to write a blog post all about gratitude, celebrating the little victories and embracing the successes that come our way particularly in our professional life. It comes as no surprise, then, that we were delighted to spot another one of our products in a glossy magazine!

This month, our Clara wristlet was featured in Inside Kent Magazine in a holiday inspired fashion feature and we must admit that we may have done a little victory dance (again!) around the office on finding out the news. As we discussed in our previous post, such events are an incredible mood booster around our little office - they maintain our spirits high and keep us giving it our all whether that's in production, sales, social media or customer service.

Perhaps the reason we feel such pride in spotting our beauties in these features is because we know how difficult it can sometimes be, as a small business, to get noticed and spread the word about our products. In this way, seeing that someone else appreciates our work to the extent of suggesting it to others is a metaphorical pat on the back, the icing on the cake and that extra support that may not be vital but is incredibly rewarding nonetheless.

The other incredible bonus of putting our products out there is seeing how others interpret our designs and bring them to life in the process. We sure know our leather totes, clutches and wristlets are multifunctional but using our Clara wristlet to store essentials for a day at the beach? Well, that's a genius idea, cheers Inside Kent Magazine! In this way, the distance between us and our clients is reduced and we see our bags acquire a whole new dimension, one which gives them vitality and the possibility to express our concepts (colour, practicality, pride in beautifully crafted designs) through the fabulous women who wear them.

So, here's to our next magazine feature! Once again, thank you to Inside Kent Magazine - and if you were tempted to shop our Clara, you can do so here.


Pepper Alley HQ X 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Graduation Station

According to F. Scott Fitzgerald, 'happiness is relief after extreme tension'. We believe this notion is very relevant to all the students graduating from University this summer. If you think about it, three years (or more!) of lectures, seminars and hard work in a, more often than not, new environment with new friends and challenges is enough to induce even a little bit of tension in the calmest of students. This is why your graduation is an emotional time in recognising all that hard work but also acknowledging a phase in your life and the beginning of a new, exciting life as a graduate!

Finding the perfect graduation present is also a rather tricky endeavour. Finding something to mark such an important milestone whilst remaining useful and practical enough to use every day is no mean feat. The jewellery route is too personal and who wants another pen with their initials on? (FYI, almost everyone works on a computer these days!).

Luckily, we have the perfect solution in the form of an old Classic. You've guessed it, it's our trusty Clemmie Totes. Soft, buttery leather meets practicality in a design which is effortless enough to use every day yet is able to maintain that element of timelessness acting as a keepsake for a special occasion.

Perfect for men and women, the Clemmie comes in a variety of colours which you can shop here . After something a little more glitzy? Our clutch bags are the perfect companion for the first night out as a graduate. A pro tip? Ask us for our personalisation service to make the graduation gift extra special. 

Oh and if you're looking for a little additional gift, our Edie Pencil Cases are a perfect reminder of the fact, that in life, you never stop learning!

Congratulations to all the students graduating this summer!


Pepper Alley HQ X 

Friday, 7 July 2017

Pepper Alley in Venus Magazine!

There are numerous things which make us happy on a Friday ; the thought of the weekend finally approaching, the promise of a (well deserved!) glass of rosé after work and the surprise of this glorious weather lasting lost enough to defy our typically British reservations regarding its longevity.

If there is one thing we love doing at Pepper Alley, it's certainly celebrating. Whether big or small, we like to give our achievements a little nod and there is no denying that these little moments of satisfaction certainly shake up a day at the office - Doughnut Friday, anyone?

This Friday, we're celebrating a little feature in Venus Magazine which had us experiencing all the proud feels. There is nothing like spotting our metallic Clemmie on a glossy spread and running round our office space showing everyone (postman and delivery guy included!).

How gorgeous is our Clemmie looking? We may be a little biased but we sure agree it's the perfect solution to store your tech and the perfect travel companion and the perfect every day solution for work / University.... the list of uses for our Italian leather tote could go on!

A big thank you to Venus Magazine for the mention -  remember you can shop our Clemmie Tote here in an array of colours.

Have a lovely weekend and remember to always celebrate the little things! Do you have any Friday office traditions? We would love to know!


Pepper Alley HQ X 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Ocean Blues

In true British fashion, we have loved every second of the heat wave last week. The spontaneous barbeques, the beer garden weather, the opportunity to go to the beach and the unsolicited weatherman instagram stories notyfing every single one of our acquaintances that, yes, it is 30 degrees outside! To be completely honest, we have also really enjoyed complaining about the hot weather and insisting on endless supplies of Pimms to 'cool down' - we told you, we really did indulge in some true British behaviour.

However, with the sun hiding away (for now!), we are missing the heat and have been thinking of ways to bring summer and all the good that comes with it back to Pepper Alley HQ. A ticket to an exotic destination may be a little extreme yet a little look into our Flora Metallic Clutches and, in particular, their lining which is reminiscent of gorgeous maritime locations and summers spent abroad may just do the trick! 

How gorgeous is our Metallic Flora Clutch? Perfect for those balmy nights, both on holiday and in the city, and spacious enought to fit all your essentials! Our Metallic Floras remain a favourite with  clients and we think this little surprise inside may have something to do with it.....

It's our Peacock Blue lining of course! Not only is it elegant and sophisticated but it is also an instant reminder of the blue of the ocean, of summers gone by and of all the adventures that are there to come this Summer 2017. Our Peacock Blue lining is the perfect statement for the fashion conscious and the ideal middle ground between investing in an all - bright look and maintaining a touch of mystery with a subtle nod to one of summer's biggest trends.

Grab yours here (they also come with Emerald lining, making them the perfect present for your travel buddy!) and get ready to add a splash of originality to your summer outfit!


Pepper Alley HQ X

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Dear Dad, Thank You!

From fragrance to fashion to DIY tips and advice on bad boyfriends, we have an awful lot to thank our dads for!

It all started with an old article, one of those you loved reading and cherish in a memory box despite it being all crumpled up and almost illegible as the years inevitably make their mark on the ink. This particular one was courtesy of Annabel Meggeson at Red Magazine and reflected on the evocative power of male fragrance.  Meggeson explored fragrance and romance yet, on reading, we were instantly transported back into a childhood reverie of Sunday mornings, fresh croissants and dad's Hugo Boss waltzing round the kitchen as he read the morning papers. 

Nowadays, thanks to the phenomenon of brands such as Jo Malone, it is fashionable for women to wear male fragrance and a cloud of Dior's Sauvage on the tube radiating from an impeccably dressed woman is not uncommon. This truly got us thinking about how much we borrow from male fashion daily and, particularly, how many things we owe to our dads so to all the fathers, in no particular order, thank you for:

Your free advice from everything from finance to DIY:  You know the drill, you have just moved into your new flat and you just want to shout 'INDEPENDENCE' from the rooftops. You know exactly what decor style you're going for, you have the pinterest boards ready and you're planning your housewarming canapé menu until disaster strikes and you realise you need a hand with the painting, the floorboards and just about everything in this new house of yours. Cue the panic text to dad who loving comes around to help at no extra cost not counting numerous cups of tea throughout the day!

The Unlikely Fashion Inspiration: Had you told us twenty years ago that we would have been taking style inspiration from our dads, we would have laughed at you yet it is hard to deny that the 'dad charm' has taken the fashion world by storm. Think plaid shirts, fitted tailoring and structured silhouttes; yes, you've guessed it, if you're looking for us we will be raiding dad's closet!

The Free Taxi Service: 'Don't worry, I'll call an Uber', you shouted as you rolled your eyes ready to leave the house. However, it's now 2am, it's raining, you're in high heels and your modern day carriage has effectively stood you up as you refresh the app for the millionth time. Yep, little does it matter if you're thirteen or thirty, if it's late and you're stranded, you're calling dad.

The Right Word at Exactly the Right Time:  Dads sometimes get a bad rep for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and being just a little clueless especially in relation to their teenage daughters. However, one day or more times than that (depending on how lucky you got with your dad!) the miracle will happen and your father will suprise you ; be it a mention at a new band you love, unexpected  yet informed advice into the world of social media or a snide remark at an ex boyfriend you hate, your father will completely surprise you and you will feel just a tiny bit proud!

So here we have it, a little thank you list for dads all over the world in time for Father's Day! And if you want to spoil pops this Father's Day, do treat him to a Lou Tote perfect for work and travel and impeccably stylish with its urban feel and creamy Italian leather!

Happy Father's Day!


Pepper Alley HQ X 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Summer in The City // Part One

"Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
— Samuel Johnson

Even Johnson said it, if you are tired of London, you are tired of life. However, we are pretty sure that Johhnson did not have to deal with rush hour on the tube, paying £7 for a pint or petty arguing over outside seating with other Londoners once the sun graces us with its presence. For this reason, we thought we would start a new series sharing all that we love about the hidden side of London, one where selfie sticks are (thankfully!) not in sight. See it as a form of escapism from the busy side of London, a holiday in your own city or simply, the opportunity to have fun, be inspired and recharge your batteries without the expense of an international flight.

Graduate Fashion Week //  

This event presents the work of students and graduates from around the world. It is your ticket to fast inspiration courtesy of the most creative bright minds in the industry with the promise of exhibitions, shows and a Gala Award show. Unconvinced? What if we told you that this platform helped launch the success of the likes of Christopher Bailey MBE, Stella McCartney and Julien Macdonald to name a few? See you there! Get your tickets here. Oh and remember to wow the fashion crowd with statement accessories, this number we wore at Cardiff Fashion week fits the bill perfectly - metallics anyone?

London Wine Week //

In need of a holiday? Always dreamed of dropping everything and escaping to the Mediterranean? Well, now this is (almost!) possible - a three day pop - up is coming to East London bringing all the charm of European vineyards for a fraction of the price. With music, drinks, food and all the best parts of a holiday rolled into one major event, you really can't say no ; grab your tickets here and pass the rosè! Oh and a fuss free style tip? Simple, drink your marsala and wear it too with our wine coloured tote.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! Do tweet us @Pepper_Alley if you have any recommendations of events going on around London, we will see you there!


Pepper Alley HQ X