Thursday, 30 March 2017

Meet our New Collection!

Our new beautiful collection has finally landed and it's everything we were hoping for and so much more.

Spring-ready, on trend and with a Liberty inside-lining twist, our new denim purses are the exclusive statement pieces you have been looking for.

Have a look at a little sneak peek and behind the scenes pictures below to find out more:

Perfect to carry all your essentials and to make sure nothing gets lost in your big work-bag ever again.
        With sparkly crystal details, our new collection can be easily personalised with your initials as well.

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Happy (Celebs) Mother's Day

How are you going to spend Mother's Day?
Falling next Sunday, Mother's Day is the perfect time of the year to celebrate the woman that gave you life and probably a bad haircut when you were 6.

Here at Pepper Alley, we love our mums: they taught us everything we know about love, patience and fashion of course.

That's exactly why we can't help but adore celebrity mums-daughters duos as well.

Have a look at our favourite couples in our top 3 list now.

1) Kate Hudson/Goldie Hawn

Both blonde, both beautiful and both successful actresses. This duo is just adorable...can we hang out together, please?

Picture courtesy of
2) Mamie Gummer/Meryl Streep

We love Meryl, who doesn't? Her daughter Mamie clearly inherited her talent becoming a successful actress and starring in The Good Wife and Cake. Also, don't they look so much alike?

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

3) Beyonce Knowles/Tina Knowles

Image courtesy of E-Online

Tina is the perfect mums-manager and she always knows what's best. They do make a wonderful team.

Are you looking for something for your just as glam and talented mum? Go for our lovely Flora and make sure you treat her properly on Mother's Day.

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