Monday, 20 August 2018

Summer Wedding - It's Never too Late!

Summer is almost over; the last of the summer wine is being consumed and you are turning your gaze towards the new season. What will AW18 hold? What will London Fashion Week have in store for us? And most importantly, can you get away with buying yet another Edie pencil case for the sake of 'Back to School'?! (Of course you can, take it from us). However, before you leave summer fully behind, it's time to face that seasonal hybrid that comes to visit time and time again - the late summer, early September wedding. This occasion is enough to send even the most experienced wedding guests in a flurry of indecision - bare skin or tights? Can I get away with a short dress? And ultimately, shall I take a cardi? Fear not, friends of Pepper Alley - we are prepared with three top tips for you to ace the Autumn Edition of wedding guest style.

  • Don't Be Afraid to Dare - While summer weddings bring their fair share of saccharine hues and  sweet pastel tones, late summer and autumn dos bring the opportunity to opt for a more daring style. Don't be afraid to experiment with dress lengths, bolder make up or a touch of metallic during the day - it's what Autumn weddings were made for. We love the rich golden of our Flora and Clara clutch and wristlet - the perfect piece to wish summer goodbye in style. 

  • Turn up the Drama -  Have you read tip number one? Well, read it again and this time take it up a notch. Take inspiration from the colours around you - the last of the summer wine, the sky getting a little moodier than usual, the seasonal produce turning a dark shade of crimson...all the beauty that nature has to offer at this time of year. We love a Charcoal Eva clutch - the perfect shade to pair with deep oranges and purples. 

It's All About Balance  -  Just like the seasons gradually change from one to another in an effortless transition, your look for a late summer wedding needs to work in perfect harmony. An unexpected bare leg can be pared back with a satin shawl to wrap up for a chilly evening or a bright colour can be expertly toned down with some clever neutrals. Similarly, a hairstyle that is too severe can be easily softened with barely there make up or a bold lip can be matched to flawless skin reminiscent of that summer glow. Our favourite way to pare back a bold look? With our palette of neutrals of course. 

Remember that if you need more wedding style topics,  you can find more inspo right here . 

Wishing you a happy end to the summer holidays -  we can't wait to show you what we have in store for September. 


Pepper Alley HQ X 

Friday, 3 August 2018

We're on Pinterest!

Good morning and happy start to the weekend! We hope you are all having a good summer (and no, we haven't forgotten our favourite London recommendations, keep an eye on our Instagram, @pepper_alley, as those are coming very soon). We are checking in today to share some exciting news regarding our social media presence. You know that we absolutely LOVE Instagram and that we also enjoy the odd tweet here and there. However, as you know Pepper Alley is a brand born out of inspiration and which continues to be influenced by the various inspirations that shape our work. Whether it's London, colour or effortless style, there are numerous mood boards scattered around the office (and saved on our laptops!) that we always refer to when planning new collections, social media content or blog posts.

We know you love following along with our journey as a small business and we have been wondering, for a while now, on the best way to share our inspirational content with you guys. We are thrilled to have global clients that we can call our friends and in order to reach all of you and share what inspires us and motivates us everyday, Pinterest seemed like a no brainer.

So, what can you expect? There will be a monthly board giving you aall the inspiration for the four weeks ahead. Today, we are kicking off with our Travel Edit board giving us all the beach and sun vibes as well as the fashion finds we have been loving for the season. Similarly, there will also be an edit of our favourite Pepper Alley products for the month ahead - from the ideal tote to clutches and accessories, we really have thought of everything.

We hope you enjoy following us on Pinterest and we hope our boards inspire you and, why not, encourage you to try something new this summer and in the months to come too.

You can find us on Pinterest right here.


                                                           Pepper Alley HQ X