Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentine's Day!

Is it a truth universally acknowledged that February is the month of love. The month that can send even the most cynical among us in a frenzied panic to try and find the right date, the right restaurant and the right outfit and which some single people admit to hating with a passion for the feelings of anxiety it can sometimes induce.

Here at Pepper Alley, we are known for experiencing life through rose tinted glasses (just look at the romantic lines on our Clemmie tote!) and while we know that love doesn't need a single day to be celebrated, it can be lovely to take the time to reflect on the things that make life so lovely and embracing them in a celebration dedicated exclusively to love. So here is a little list to (you know it!), spread the #pepperalleylove this Valentine's Day. Little does it matter whether you're married, in a relationship or single - embrace the day however you want to and remember to share your tips and tricks to spread the love this February, we're all ears!

Make Time For Yourself: We have heard it before from mums and grandmothers all over the world, how will anyone love us if we don't love ourselves in the first place? While a little cheesy, this somewhat dated piece of advice still rings true and makes for the perfect excuse to make time for the things we love to do but can't always fit in our daily lives. Bubble bath? Glass of champagne while watching Netflix? That Yoga class you can never quite make? Take your pick and indulge in some well deserved You time.

(Picture Courtesy of Pinterest)

Embrace...Love:  A text to your sister to remind her why she is the best, a compromise with your other half over what TV series you watch first, freshly baked biscuits to take into work, leaving your change to pay for the next customer's coffee...there are many ways to embrace love and many of these don't require large quantities of money, just a little effort and good intentions. Similarly, as we move towards Spring, embracing blush hues and playing with softer tailoring and lines can also be a way to renew your wardrobe and meet the new season with a touch of romance.

(Shop the look here)

Feel Daring:  Saying yes to a new activity, making travel plans, having the audacity to plan that date you have been too afraid to ask for....the month of February (and fortune!) favour the bold and there is no better time to ask (nicely!) for what you really want. Our indulgent satin textures and bold Emerald and Ruby lining are the perfect start for those seeking an element of surprise in their lives and wardrobes. Shop the look here and here.

Treat Your Other Half: Whether it's a Lou Tote for him or a Clemmie for her , pull out all the stops to show your loved one how much they mean to you. Remember to ask for our signature engraving services to add that special touch to your gift.

Get your Galentines together:  What's better than a night out with your girlfriends? An excuse to catch up over cocktails, share what has been going on in your lives and make time for each other in spite of your busy schedules and millions of responsibilities. Message the WhatsApp group, save the date and get your Flora clutch out of the wardrobe for the occasion. The added touch to make the occasion truly special? A little surprise monogrammed keyring for each of your friends because even though you may live far  apart, they are still a big part of your life and let's face it, buying for your friends is just so fun!

(Picture courtesy of Pinterest)

So here you have it, a little list to make the most of the month of love. What are your Valentine's Day Traditions?

Remember to share the #pepperalleylove this Valentine's (and always!).


Pepper Alley HQ X 

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Girls Who Like Boys

Whether it's their leather jackets, a spritz of their perfume or one of their old shirts to sleep in, it's a truth universally acknowledged that women are forever stealing their boyfriend's clothing. Some may argue it's to shake ourselves out of a style rut, others simply declare that it's because their clothes are comfier (have you felt how much softer their jumpers are?!) and others (like us!) admit it's for pure laziness. Whatever your motives, there are definite advantages to taking some style lessons from the boys and with a menswear market that is growing at a faster rate than the women's and is expected to reach $438 billion in 2020, as shared by The Business of Fashion, it seems like the perfect time to immerse ourselves in the world of male fashion. Below, find our top tips for when it comes to taking style lessons from the boys:

(Picture courtesy of Business of Fashion - sometimes the best ideas begin with a #regram )

Keep it Simple: Back in the olden days, fashion for women was ornate, intricate and incredibly unpractical for anyone with a daily commute. Nowadays, designers are listening (thank god!) to women's needs and keeping things simple, structured and tailored to those working and living in the city. Our top tip for the perfect urban outfit? Choose a minimal outfit and let your accessories do the talking. Shop the look here if you fancy taking our blush Clemmie for a spin around the city in time for Spring.

Up the Contrast:  There is a certain allure to a woman who allows herself to be tempted by the cut of masculine clothing and in a world where it's sometimes so difficult to be a woman, the biggest statement we can make it to accept our femininity and embrace it. Don't be afraid to play with contrasts and combine sharper cuts with some pastels or romantic patterns like Kirsten Dust (picture courtesy of Vogue).

Mix it up with the Smart / Casual: Once a dreaded dress code associated with 21st birthdays and engagement parties, the smart casual is now the passe-partout of lazy girl fashion. Shirts play such a big part in this fashion trend and they're the perfect style piece to ensure you can waltz from the office and out for drinks in the blink of an eye. Shop the look here.

Buy Him a Gift You Can Both Use:  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it could be time to treat your boyfriend to one of our Lou Totes. Large enough to travel or store his laptop / iPad for a day of meetings and made with our signature Italian leather, this really is the gift that keeps on giving as it effortlessly matches all of your outfit when you have oh so casually forgotten your bag at home (again!).

It's never too early to plan the perfect gift for Valentine's Day - remember to get in touch if you want to know more about our personalisation services.

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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Pantone - 183838 Ultra Violet // Our Wish For 2018!

Let us begin by saying that yes, Prince's Purple Rain may have been playing on loop in the making of this post and no, we are definitely not sorry. If you didn't know (where have you been?!), in the Pantone world of all things colourful, Ultra Violet has been announced as the 2018 colour of the year.

As explained by Pantone, the mystical and spiritual characteristics of this colour have always been used by influencers as symbols of their individuality. The introspective quality of this colour has also made it popular in spaces for meditation and reflection whereas its cool blue base links it perfectly to the contemporary world where news apps and technological inventions are at the order of the day.

We are thrilled with this colour choice for 2018 as purple has been inspiring us for a little while over at Pepper Alley HQ as you may have seen in our previous blog posts....

(Pictures courtesy of Pinterest)

Ultra Violet has been described as a colour which lights the way for what is yet to come; perhaps this is the message that resonates with us the most and inspires our craftsmanship. This colour hints at the pursuit of discovering one's own creative potential and the limitless opportunities that can arise from sharing it with the world. 

Ultimately, this is our goal; creating something beautiful and functional which can offer glimpses of infinity for the men and women wearing it - what are they doing? Where are they going? What are their goals? We want them to know that those dreams that seem so out of reach, as vast and limitless as the night sky, can be at arm's length with the right attitude (and bag!). Here is our selection of Ultra Violet goodies to help you push the boundaries and express your potential:

And how could we forget our iconic Celine London Liberty Lining? Hidden within our Eva Clutch bags, they embody the Ultra Violet vision perfectly; a small mystical addition to elevate the mundane and unleash the potential of those who wear it! 

While we may have giggled and jokingly hinted on our Instagram about previously agreeing the colour of the year with Pantone over the phone, what we really want our clients to take away from this colour synergy is not only Pepper Alley's attention to innovative detailing and new trends but also our wish to our clients for 2018. This can be summarised in two key messages as beautifully expressed by Ultra Violet and its characteristics; don't hesitate to seek moments of inner reflection and refuge from this 'overstimulated' world, as Pantone writes, but also enjoy discovering the magic within you and use 2018 as a clean slate to release your full potential.

Get ready to paint 2018 in....Ultra Violet - and remember to shop the blog post here.


Pepper Alley HQ X