Friday, 30 December 2016

Copy Celebs' Look for New Year's Eve

Christmas is over and so is boxing day, time to grab your favourite purse and head to the most important night of the year: New Year's Eve, of course.

Here, at Pepper Alley,  we love to take inspiration from some of our beloved celebrities and find out what they are up to when it comes to glamming it up.

Please have a look at our top 3 celebrities and how you can copy their look!

1) Go green like Whitney Port

This beautiful American socialite rocked a mini dress in green and paired it up with a grey clutch. We love the look because it's fresh yet elegant, perfect to party the night away.

Image courtesy of Getty, available on Marie
We also love the grey touch and think our Flora would be just great for any Whitney-inspired outfit:
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2) Time to sparkle

We love Ellie's sparkle and those gloves...isn't she just perfect?

If you go for this look, our little Flora in silver will give you the right sparkle to start the New Year:
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3) Gold

There's no better time to go gold, just like our, oh so rock n roll Miley:

Picture courtesy of Getty
If you are going for a gold look, you can't possibly leave our gold Flora home:
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Make sure you head over to for more New Year's Eve inspiration.
Happy New Year, girls!

Friday, 16 December 2016

Pepper Alley's Christmas List, Part II

How's your Christmas shopping going ladies? Have you found everything you need?
Are you sure?

Fear not, we can help you avoid the last time rush because it's time for our Pepper Alley's Christmas List, Part II...enjoy!

1) Something for the most important lady in your life

Tote bag with a leather heart

She treats you, takes care of you and, let's say it, she is just the best. Our little Clemmie, in soft Italian leather, is a perfect Christmas present for your mum. She will love it because it's practical yet elegant. She will carry it with her on her next work meeting and, no, she won't let you borrow it.

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2) Something for your best friend

Something gold for your very best friend because she needs a night off as much as she needs our metallic Flora in gold.

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3) Something your male friend will just adore

He is cool and he knows it. No one could quite pull off our Lou like he does. He is a master of style and with him, our Lou will be just so much more chic and effortless.

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Don't forget to visit for some last minute Christmas temptation.

Planning your big night New Year's Eve look? Don't forget to keep an eye on our upcoming New Year's do and don't guide, as inspired by celebrities.

Have a great Christmas!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

It's a Pepper Alley Kind of Christmas, Part I

It's that time of the year, lovely ladies. Stop whatever you are doing now because it's finally time to choose the gifts for the people you love the most, time to start your Christmas shopping.

It's Christmas time...

Here at Pepper Alley, we have come up with a gift list to celebrate only those who have a special place in your heart. So what are you waiting for?

Have a look at our Pepper Alley's Christmas List, Part I below and don't forget to get in touch for more information about our latest products.

1) A gift for the trendy boyfriend who has everything

Our Lou bag is perfect for your busy, metropolitan guy. We can see him on the tube reading GQ with his headset on...the only thing missing? Our little Lou of course...

Click here to find out more information

2) Something for your favourite colleague

Your work best friend needs to be cherished with something that tells her she is your favourite.
We think this pencil case would be a perfect addition to her glam work stationery.

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3) Something glitzy and sparkly for your little sister

Because you love her to bits and there's nothing better than a sparkly pochette to say that. We know that our little metallic Flora will be absolutely perfect:

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Looking for something else? Visit for other beautiful Christmas ideas.
Don't forget to ask us about our gift wrapping service!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Top 3 Things You Must Do This November

Hello pepperettes,

How have you been?
Here at Pepper Alley, we can't really wait to fully embrace November and its beauties.

Because this is the cosiest season of the year, we have come up with a top 5 list of lovely things you can start doing this November to get you in the Christmas mood.

So what are you waiting for?

Have a look now:

1) Plan your Christmas list
Avoid the last minute rush, you don't want that and, most importantly, you want to carefully hand select every single present for your loved ones. Not sure about your Christmas list yet? Watch this space to find out more about our upcoming and super exclusive Christmas list, only on the Pepper Alley blog, of course.

2) Visit a Christmas market

Live the Christmas anticipation before the madness begins. See the Christmas lights for the first time and enjoy a nice glass of mulled one.

3) Be just a little bit more selfish... 

Christmas is a great time of the year but it's also the most selfless. Remember to be a bit selfish this November, take the day off, buy your favourite cake and eat it all by yourself (ok, you can share a slice with us if you really, really want...). Or if cake is not what you crave, maybe our sparkly collection will do the trick:

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4) Time off
taking some time off before the actual Christmas rush is just as important as finding the best present for those you love. A mini-break with your better half? Afternoon tea with your ladies? You choose!

5) Go fashion crazy
Scarves, hats, tights and warm colours: this is the season! Our Florence is ready to party:

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Enjoy November!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

How to Plan Your Halloween Look with Pepper Alley

With Halloween becoming more and more popular in the UK, we couldn't help but plan our next look for the scariest night of the year. Of course, we couldn't possibly do it all on our own; that's why we asked for the help of some very special friends. Please have a look at our celebrity-inspired, mini guide on how to pull off the best Halloween outfit ever.

1) Jessica Rabbit or Sandy?

Plan everything with attention to detail. Be simple but don't forget it's Halloween, we need to make a bit of an impact here, girls. We adore the lovely Gigi Hadid in her amazing Sandy from Grease outfit:

Image courtesy of Getty

2) A basket bag

It all starts with the right one, doesn't it? What would Mary Poppins do without her one of a kind bag?

Ladies, trust us, you have come to the right place. We love Alessandra D'Ambrosio's little red riding hood look but could we add a little basket from our generation for a more glam effect?
Image courtesy of Getty

Our little Clemmie in charcoal is perfect. No basket was ever more appropriate. Make sure you match it to your little red riding hood outfit this year.

3) Colour
Looking for a bit of a colour? We have what you need. Every year we can't wait to see Heidi Klum's Halloween outfit. Last year we loved her Betty Boop and how could we not? She looked awesome:
Image courtesy of Getty
Red lips and red shoes? We are so game for this.

Have a wonderful Halloween. Make sure you share your Halloween looks with our team on our Twitter page: @pepper_alley

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Top 3 Tips to Autumn-Proof your Look

Image available from Pinterest

Hello, October! We have been waiting for you for a very long time.

We can’t wait for chilled nights, romantic novels around the fireplace, fresh mornings and orange afternoons when leaves fall and everything looks just so perfect.

Of course, we wouldn’t love fashion as much as we do, if we hadn’t thought about 3 easy tricks to quickly Autumn-proof your look and embrace, possibly, the cutest season of the year.

Have a look now and  don't forget to have a wonderful autumn!

1) Hats, we see hats everywhere

Doesn’t have to be a full, winter hat and, yes, beanies could be a step too far. This doesn't mean that you can't play a bit with autumn accessories. A nice, quirky, hat could not only keep you warm on those early mornings, when not even your strong coffee works, but also be a stylish item.

Maybe taking inspiration from this sweet, autumn movie scene from a just as sweet movie:

When Harry Met Sally

2) Plum nails

Image courtesy of StyleCraze

Too late to find them in season but perfect for your nails, nothing says autumn like plum nails, possibly in gel because everything looks just so much better when it's shiny. Going for a full plum is the most feminine expression of autumn and on your nails, it will be a fab new addition. What a perfect way to start your October!

3) The tote bag

Because you don't know where your next autumn adventure will take you, because you don't know if you will need to do some shopping or just grab your laptop and attend that important only know that whatever you do, you will have to do it in style:

Our pink tote bag, Clemmie, is 'The' leather handbag and excels in autumn. Practical, beautiful and with soft, Italian leather, our little Clemmie is pretty much everything you need: from back to school to weekend breaks, Clemmie is highly versatile and will be a powerful ally throughout the season.

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