Sunday, 3 March 2019

A Minimalist's Guide to Maximalism

It is widely known that, here at Pepper Alley, we favour minimalism. From our delicious pastel Clemmie totes to subtle hints of colour with the lining of our Flora clutches, we love to bring you simple yet elegant accessories that can complement any outfit. However, if the current fashion wave (and street style snaps emerging from #LFW!) are anything to go by, Maximalism is definitely back on the cards. From the chunky trainer to the bold hair clip and the statement prints that are simply. not. going. anywhere. we’ll show you how to style the most extra trends of the season. Paired with our signature items and a little Pepper Alley quirkiness, who knew Maximalism could be so fun?

The Slogan Hair Clip

  (picture via @pinterest)

We blame Gucci. Or maybe it was Donatella at Versace? Whoever it was who started this trend has evidently turned it into a success with everyone from our favourite fashion bloggers to the lady at our local Tesco’s sporting this trend. While all the 90s kids (we see you!) are rejoicing at this revival, others are inevitably cringing at memories of tacky barrettes from their childhood days. However, this trend takes significant less effort than you may think to truly werk. In fact, the humble hair clip can act as a trusted ally on bad hair days. Freshly washed hair not behaving? Pop a clip on either side to tame those flyaways. 3rd day hair looking a little lacklustre? Tie it in a low pony tail and let a metallic hair clip do the talking. Our favourite combo, however, remains a slogan clip paired with a Flora clutch – the perfect night out duo.

The Chunky Trainer

 (Picture via @pinterest)

This time, it was definitely Balenciaga. Yes, the oceans of chunky trainers spotted across London are the doing of this major Fashion House. Once dubbed, ‘ugly’, this style of shoe can be spotted on the feet of influencers, business men in the city and artsy types who co work and spend their days at edgy pop ups in Brixton – a very democratic footwear trend, if anything. The way to make this trend truly work is by appealing to its sporty roots – take inspiration from the sporty chic vibes spotted at LFW and rock the chunky trainers with a ClemmieTote slung over your shoulder. Ideal for work, the gym and everything in between, the chunky trainer / shopper duo is here to stay. And we ain’t mad.

Prints, Prints and more Prints

We thought the days of our wardrobes looking fit for a remake of The Jungle Book were behind us but prints are evidently here to stay. From snake to leopard and a pop of Zebra, it can be tricky to make such a statement work so it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit pared back. That’s why we will continue sporting this trend with minimal / glossy make up and nude accessories – so chic.

 (Picture via @pinterest)

 What do you think of this season’s maximalist trends? How do you style them? We would love to know!


Pepper Alley HQ X