Monday, 17 September 2018

London Fashion Week Day 1 and 2 - Our Favourite Moments

When #LFW rolls round, things get a little crazy here in London - it's as if the pace just picks right up and we're all dashing between shows and meetings to find a quick 5 minutes to jot down content and share it. This year is no different but we have managed to get more organised in order to share our Day 1 and 2 highlights - grab your coffee and get reading as there is already lots to talk about. Let us know what you think of this post and we'll continue to share our highlights if you want. Happy Fashion Month and Happy Monday!

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It's a Family Affair for Victoria Beckham -

Glowing, professional and, at times, a little teary, Victoria Beckham does it all so effortlessly whether it's business, fashion or raising a family. This perhaps explains why she celebrates 10 years in business this #LFW with the icing on the fashion cake being her much awaited relocation to London. In fact, the designer has previously always chosen New York to showcase her designs. From the location (an art gallery near her Mayfair Boutique FIY) to the fashion (think classic VB tailoring with romantic lace accents and transparencies), every choice suggests grown up glamour for the designer whom, in true VB style, quietly announces her fashion evolution with her hometown return as opposed to shouting it from the rooftops. Extra points for the presence of Stella Tennant, 47 year old model veteran who apparently never seems to age, and her very own Harper watching adoringly with her father and brothers - showing that for VB, fashion really does go full circle, even in terms of age.

(Pictures via @victoriabeckham)

Getting Ready for Take Off with Alexa Chung -

With a show entitled 'Arrivals and Departures', Chung marks her fashion week debut. A nod to her life as traveler and original member of the fashion jet set, the collection is punctuated by safari chic items, a generous helping of Hibiscus Print and precious details. As inspired by her golden babes on the catwalk, we'll be channeling the dewy highlighter glow as well as crossing our fingers that the bucket bags donned on her catwalk are here to stay for next Spring / Summer. Our highlight? Her admission that, despite her success, she still suffers from imposter syndrome at times - showing us mere mortals that even fashion royalty can get cabin fever.

(Pictures via @alexachungstagram)

Street Style Inspiration -

Only yesterday, we took to Instagram to discuss how we sometimes prefer street style to the catwalks during LFW and we were surprised to see how many of you agreed with us! Your reasons included the practicality of street style, how it gives you inspiration for your own wardrobe and how the catwalks still, at times, remain a little over the top. While designers' efforts to turn down the drama and make the catwalks accessible for all are notable, it is also understandable that street style is what most of us turn to when putting looks together. After all, who fancies ruffles, theatrical lengths and kitten heels to catch the City line? Here are our favourite street style looks so far - and yes, we are partial to a chunky trainer, pops of colour à la Susie Bubble and smart male tailoring. What are your favourite street style looks?

 (Picture via @sineadcrowe)

(Picture via @susiebubble)

(Picture via @williamjwade)

So here are our highlights so far - remember to find us on Instagram at @pepper_alley as we continue the #LFW conversation.


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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Top 3 September Back to School Tips

Happy September! We are so excited for this new season and we hope that you are all returning to work, University or College refreshed and relaxed. The return to 'real life' after a summer of sunshine can be difficult so today, we have you covered with our top three organisational and motivational tips for the season. If you are still on holiday (we are so jealous!), you can read this pool side to ease you into returning to the daily grind and if you are back in work already - you've got this babes.

1. Organisation is Key -  You probably have plans for all the amazing things you are going to do this September. Smash your day job? Check. Sort out your closet to reveal a fantastic Autumn wardrobe? Check. Introduce an exercise regime and stick to it? Check. Make lots of plans with friends to make the most of Autumn in your town? Check. There are so many things that we want to do come September and so many plans we actually want to stick to yet everyday pressures make it sometimes difficult. For this, we aim to stay as organised as we can - to do lists, planners, all the diaries in the world.... you name it and we'll probably have whatever new tool is promising a more organised life. A recent favourite we'd like to try? Plate Planner - a planner which aims to improve your organisation around meal times. We'll be using this to plan our dinners when we get in late from work in the evenings - no more empty fridge dilemmas! Similarly,  to stay more organised when we are out and about, we'll be popping a mini Edie Pencil Case in our bags before we go out - how gorgeous are these?

2.  Seize Inspiration -  September is the best time to find the inspiration. After all, it is fashion month and what better way to get a little wardrobe inspiration that attending a catwalk show? London Fashion Week Festival puts on some great shows as well as industry talks and we can't wait for all the shopping opportunities. You can find more information here - and yes, we'll be the ones elbow deep in clothes! Another way we are seizing inspiration is by mixing up our outfits and playing with fabrics - how gorgeous is our Suede Clemmie Tote? A little twist on the classic leather Clemmie totes but a seasonal staple nonetheless.

 3.  A Kind Gesture -  Following A-level results, so many hopeful and nervous students will be heading to University this September and chances are, someone close to you (whether a friend or relative!) is worried about making the big move too. Why not help them get organised for September and show them you're thinking of them with a little gift. Our favourites include a monogrammed Clemmie Tote or a cute Polly Keyring which is not only ideal as a good wish for a new house but also a helpful tool in minimising the lost key / locked out scenario which we all know too well. 

Do you love September as much as we do? Let us know what you are most looking forward to this Autumn. 


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