Monday, 27 February 2017

Are you a Spring baby?

You don't have to be born in Spring to be one. After all, to be a Spring baby can also mean that you fully embrace this wonderful season and its beauties.

Now that you have made the most of Winter or so we hope, we just know that it's time to get in full Spring mode. How? Maybe by starting having a look at the next three events.

1) Pancake day

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We know, it's still in February but doesn't pancake day set your mood for a lighter, hopefully, warmer season? Our favourite? With strawberry and plenty of maple syrup, of course.

2) World's Book Day

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All the kids in their favourite characters' costumes and just the perfect occasion to enjoy your favourite book? On March 5th, don't forget to celebrate your beloved comfort lit. From Pride and Prejudice to 50 Shades Darker, there's no right or wrong. Enjoy!

3) Mother's Day

Isn't this the time to celebrate mum and all she does for you in the best way possible? We recommend flowers, chocolate and her very own Clemmie in charcoal.

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here at Pepper Alley, we wanted to wish you a wonderful Valentine's day wherever you are and whoever you are spending it with.

In order to help you celebrate the most romantic day in the world, we have come up with a list of only the most romantic activities you can do with your better half or girlfriends on this very special night.

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1) Romantic meal

Something baked with love? Or just a takeaway? The word for tonight is to spend time together enjoying each other's company and possibly just do very, very little.

2) A night out

Candle-lit dinner? Check. A romantic stroll in the park? Check. Going out could be a great as well and especially if you are in the mood, it could be quite nice to be surrounded by other loved-up couples. What are you waiting for? Get your best dress and enjoy your night.

3) A (girlie) night out

No date? No problem. Just get your single girls around for a dance-off competition, a pizza party or just a cinema night. Tonight is all about love and is there anything like way too much love for our best girlfriends?

4) Give yourself a present

It's important to cherish the person you love but don't forget to reward yourself as well. One of our super cool customers shared that she gives herself a present every Valentine's day, no matter if she's single or with someone. Don't forget yourself.

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