Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

As part of our aim to spread the #pepperalleylove this Christmas, we thought we'd kick off this month of celebration by publishing our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide. Think of it as our way of wishing you a happy, stress free festive season. Of course, gift giving is the perfect way of spreading the Pepper Alley love - what better feeling is there than finding the right present for the right person at the perfect time? Or finding a way to summarise a myriad of emotions into that one perfect gift?

Time to light some candles, grab a hot chocolate and indulge in the selfless art of gift giving. We have everyone, and we mean everyone, covered in our ultimate gift guide but if you have further suggestions (found yet another clever use for our leather products?! We're not surprised!) let us know and share your gift giving traditions with us.

Time to shop the perfect present for:

The Life and Soul of the Party: We haven't even described her and yet, you already have a person in mind. She is a cocktail of enthusiasm and high energy; always the first on the dance floor and the last to head home. This Christmas, she deserves a little pocket of shimmer to keep her possessions safe while she is throwing shapes on the dance floor. Shop the gift here.

The One Who Has Caught the Travel Bug: Australia, Thailand, Mexico....her Instagram is the envy of your entire friendship group and the postcards she insists on sending make you reconsider your office job on a basis which is far more regular than you'd like to admit. This girl may have a super jet set lifestyle yet you know that, deep down, this Christmas she would love nothing more than a little reminder of home to take with her on her many travels. Time to surprise her with a Clemmie tote - with its sturdy design and creamy Italian leather, it will give her the stability she needs to tackle her day wherever she may be.

The One Who Is Super Busy:  Her diary is full to the brim, she is forever hopping between meetings and yet manages to look completely effortless amidst a flurry of social occasions. The City is her backdrop and, just like the City, she never stops; this Christmas she needs something to effortlessly adapt to her lifestyle and follow her on her urban adventures.

The Man in Your Life: Whether it's a gift for the man you share your life with or a special treat for dad, there is no denying that finding the perfect present for the boys in your life isn't the easiest of tasks. Brothers, best friends, boyfriends...treat them to a Lou Tote this Christmas; perfect for work, travel and everything in between.

The Ladies in Your Family: Whether it's your mum, grandmother, auntie or simply the friend who feels like family, there is no denying that this lady could do with a special treat. Forever looking after others and always on hand to give the best advice, she deserves something that reminds her how special she truly is. How about a touch of personalisation?

The One Who...has it all figured out:  Growing up, she had everything sussed out all along and now she's an adult, you are super proud of her achievements and how far she has come. She may be hitting all the major milestones, like buying a house, and be snowed under a million of adult responsibilities but that doesn't mean she is giving up glamour just yet. This Christmas, make sure one of our signature monogrammed key rings makes its way into her handbag.

The One Who....has just had a baby: She has already received the best gift she could have ever asked for this year and there is no way you could ever top that. However, as her friend, it is your mission to rescue her from the baby toys and clothes under the tree. Surprise her with a metallic Flora clutch (and the number of a good babysitter!) to remind her of the nights out to come.

The Girl Squad:  They have been your trusty brunch squad and Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte to your Carrie for as long as you can remember. This year, it's time to surprise them over a champagne breakfast with a tote which embodies a single design in a variety of colours to perfectly complement your different personalities.

The Trend Setter:  She loves fashion and experimenting with different styles and textures. Denim is her passion and she can't wait to see what the fashion world has in store for 2018. It's time to introduce her to the most versatile of our clutches - perfect to soften the boldest of style choices.

The Little Sister: She is in awe of your every move and wants to be just like you. You are just more than happy to give her advice and steer her away from the fashion dilemmas that marked your adolescence.  A metallic Edie is the perfect gift to cement your 'cool big sister' status whilst also reminding her of the memories you share together when she is back at University or College.

Your Grandmother:   Every year, she insists that she doesn't want anything and every year, you choose to ignore that because you know that she truly deserves a thoughtful gift. Our new twist on the Clemmie reminds you of her timeless elegance and you know she would be thrilled to find it under the tree.

....You: In your mad dash of gift giving, Christmas tree buying and office drinks, don't forget to look after number one. Whether it's a sparkly clutch for your numerous festive nights out or a Clemmie tote to start the New Year on a stylish note, let us tempt you into our world of gorgeous, handmade goodies. Click here to enter the world of Pepper Alley.

Happy Shopping! 


Pepper Alley HQ X

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Clemmie Turns Festive!

There are a few things in life which are so perfect that there is no point in trying to change them because the end result would be, well, just disappointing. Examples include the perfect, crisp white shirt that would be ruined by fancy detailing, your staple comfort food that does the trick just fine on a cold winter's night or the simple home decor that fits perfectly around all areas of your hectic, busy life.

However, there are things in life which just keep getting better the more detail and attention you throw into the mix. Our Clemmie tote, ladies and gentlemen, certainly belongs to the second category.

As you know, we are all about spreading the #pepperalleylove this season and what better way than a Wintery twist on the iconic favourite?

Our new variation on the Clemmie truly combines the best of both worlds: the iconic style, gorgeous creamy leather and super practical fit of the original design meet an accent strap adding depth and drama to your look.

The classic feel makes our Clemmie the ultimate winter staple yet the red detailing just screams Christmas! However, we hear that red is going to be super on trend in 2018 making this a little festive treat that will stretch much further.

And lastly, how could we forget that Christmas is the time of giving and cherishing our nearest and dearest? Keep your eyes peeled for our ultimate Pepper Alley Gift Guide featuring everyone and anyone you may ever wish to buy for! In the meantime, our black and red Clemmie seems like the perfect gift for the lovely ladies in our lives, perhaps with their monogrammed initials to make it extra special.

       Are you excited for Christmas? Time to get our iconic Christmas Gift Boxes out! Oh and if you want first dibs on our new Clemmie tote, you can order one here.              


Pepper Alley HQ X