Friday, 30 March 2018

Pepper Alley Does SS18

When planning this post, we couldn't wait to share all the Easter excitement - the long weekend, the bubbles, the sunshine and the possibility of fishing out our Spring clothes from the depths of our wardrobe ready for a Bank Holiday Barbecue. However, living in the UK, we are used to the weather interfering with our plans just a little and we figured an outdoors guide to Easter in London or a summer look book would simply not cut it for this week's blog post. With forecasts of a rainy weekend and parts of the UK possibly facing (gasp!) snow, most of us will probably stay in. So what better than telling you all about our plans for Spring / Summer for you to read (indoors!) with a cup of tea and the remains of your Easter eggs? Hope you enjoy dreaming of SS18 with us and remember to hold tight babes, the sunshine is definitely on its way (*crosses fingers*).

(Picture courtesy of Pinterest)

The Return of Our Crystal & Denim Collection -  We simply can't wait for sunshine, easy summer dressing and spending entire days poolside without a care in the world. This is why we are delighted to relaunch our Crystal and Denim collection, reinvented to match the texture of a blue pool or a summer sky while still maintaining the ease of denim and that laid-back summer attitude. Throwing on a dress over sun-kissed skin and grabbing your clutch has never been easier or more effortless. Let the other worldliness of Crystals guide you towards a summer night where everything could happen, discover Poppy, Rosie and Daisy here.

Connecting with the Babes and Boys of Pepper Alley -  You know we are always thrilled to see our friends and clients wearing our creations and we love it when you tag us in your outfit shots! This summer, we will be sharing the #pepperalleylove further following some global (Italy and Germany, we are looking at you!) interest in our products. We can't wait to do a little traveling in search of further inspiration which then, inevitably, gets translated into a new product or collection back in London which we call home. We will definitely be sharing our travel adventures and, in the meantime, if you happen to go somewhere new and exciting, send us your pictures wearing our Clemmies and Floras to make the Pepper Alley office very jealous!

Some New Additions To Our Accessory Collection -  We have heard it time and time before, accessories really make an outfit. While we love pouring our creativity into new totes and clutches, we also love to make smaller, personalised pieces like our signature key rings or charms. We are currently finalising some new accessory launches and we can't wait to share them with you - all we can say at the moment is that personalisation will definitely feature and we will share our new designs with you very soon.

Embracing the Spirit of Summer -   A close look at our collections, and the numerous options we offer, will tell you that our creations are made to be shared. Whether it's tagging your sister in that picture of the Clemmie she has been looking for, sharing tips on how to effortlessly complete an outfit with a metallic Flora, surprising your mum with a personalised keepsake or going matchy matchy with your best friends and buying the same tote in different colours, our bags are made to be enjoyed in the company of those we love. This summer we will be embracing the laid back spirit of the season and vow to be generous with our time, our friends and....our fashion advice. Join us and share the #pepperalleylove this SS18.

Wishing you a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend and a fantastic SS18 in our company!


Pepper Alley HQ X

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

An Addition to Our Clemmie

More often that not when buying a present, or treating ourselves to a little something, it is the little things that truly make the gift giving and receiving experience. What does the packaging look like? How is the tissue paper decorated and what will it hold? There are lots of little touches that add to the experience and here at Pepper Alley, we see ourselves as little gift giving elves running around our open plan office, always thinking of ways to enhance the Pepper Alley story for our customers.

This is why we are delighted to show you our new dust bags ready to hold and protect our precious Clemmie Totes to ensure they reach our customers safely. The creamy nature of our Italian leather products and the wide range of colours available means it is paramount to protect the bags and for this reason, we take every step to look after our products from the second they are made to the time they reach our customers and beyond.

Another thing that's dear to us at Pepper Alley? Working with like minded small businesses. That's why we were delighted to collaborate with Rose from Postbox Party, another Not on The High Street Partner to design these bags - with the iconic Pepper Alley logo and in a simple cotton design, they will protect your Clemmie en route and can be used to store your Pepper Alley goodies or as shoppers to take with you when shopping or hitting the gym.

You can find Rose and her business here. Alternatively, you can find Post Box Party on Instagram. We hope you love this new addition as much as we do and remember to share your thoughts with us on Instagram and Twitter. The dust bag is available with the Clemmie tote which you can shop right here.


Pepper Alley HQ X