Tuesday, 25 April 2017

24 Hours with Pepper Alley

7:00am and it’s the sound of your alarm clock, the leap of faith towards your first cup of coffee, the reach for your keys, phone, Clemmie Tote and phone as you make a mad dash for the door. 11:00am and it’s the steady notes of laptop keyboards, the gossip with your colleagues at lunchtime and the coloured biros spilling from your Edie Pencil Case ready to turn your creative ideas into reality. The afternoon and 15:00pm bring a coffee slump and the distant longing for your bed on your return but you’re soon brought to life by an over enthusiastic colleague and the promise of after work drinks. It’s game on after that and by 17:00pm you’re swept up in a flurry of red lipstick and day to night outfit changes as you’re pulling out a  metallic Flora from your office drawer compact enough to fit all the essentials yet sufficiently sparkly to make a lasting impression. It’s then drinks, dancing and dinner (not necessarily in that order!) and an uber back home and crawling back into bed where you’ll be flicking through social media, uploading a picture and tagging @PepperAlley as you take your makeup off with the pots and potions you keep in your Cecilia Clutch on your bedside table. And tomorrow? Tomorrow, we’ll do it all again, together.

Love from the PA Team X 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter: The Ultimate, No Guilt Checklist

All around the Internet, there are copious amounts of articles telling us what to do this Easter, or how to sort out our lives before the Easter break or how we should Spring proof our house and make it perfect before the mad dash. You’ve guessed it, Easter has become the New Christmas and yes, we’re a little tired of these articles telling us how we should act and adding to our guilt of not being, well, perfect. Here’s our ultimate checklist this Easter: feel free to share it, tag your girlfriends or add your own suggestions – pass the prosecco and Happy Easter from Pepper Alley HQ to you!

The Cards : As we have already established, Easter is not quite Christmas so gone is the sense of guilt for not sending a card to every. single. acquintance. Our nearest and dearest will receive only the best, thank you very much, and we couldn’t help but fall for these gorgeous card courtesy of Kikki K.  

(Image Courtesy of @kikki.k )

The Holidays: We get exactly four days off work ( if we’re lucky!) and we know we won’t be spending them tyding up the house, completely glued to social media or frantically trying to cram meet ups with every single one of our friends we haven’t seen in over 10 years. All we really want to do is grab our Clemmie tote, head outside in search of adventure and spontaneously get on with our weekend. Our only certainty? The big Sunday lunch we will have with our loved ones, of course.

The Shopping: The proximity to pay day and the adrenalin inducing chocolate binges mean that after our family roast, we will be ready to SHOP. What will the object of our desires be? A classic Clemmie Tote? A Florence clutch to assist our Wedding / Holiday Season Needs? Or an Edie Pencil Case to give us just the right motivation to return to work on Tuesday without sulking? The possibilities are endless.

The Minimal House Work: We don’t like the idea of Spring cleaning, detoxing our surroundings or cleaning the house from top to bottom. A slab of white paint, the promise of some Scandi inspired interiors and an inexpensive bunch of fresh sunshine blooms are enough to liven up any space and add some much needed warmth after a cold Winter.

(Images courtesy of @pepper_alley and @msminimalist )

The Fashion: Fuss free, clean lines and minimalistic aestethics are what we will be coveting. Our favourite blush clemmie tote, stripey top and fuss free hair allow us to enjoy our weekend of freedom and give our mind and body a much needed rest. Check out our look book for more style inspiration. 

Happy Holidays!

Pepper Alley HQ X 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Breakfast in London - 5 best places for brunch

How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours with a Clemmie Tote!

We love brunch and we love our leather products - so far, so good. Yet with Easter break looming and the promise of four whole days to do whatever you please, the ocean of possibility stretching before you may appear overwhelming. We've rounded up the best places in London to brunch in along with style typs so your only worry will be getting out of bed. Book a spot, bring your friends & tag us in your pictures @pepper_alley.

Sketch: We love tea, we love cake and we love it when the restaurant’s interiors match our Clemmie Tote. (@sketchlondon)

Granger & Co: Yes,  this is definitely the spot to order those pancakes and yes, it’s in Notting Hill so dress up with a wine Clemmie tote for a perfectly put together and polished look. Bonus points for incorporating stripes to blend in with those yummy mummies. (@granger&co)

Farm Girl: Australian, hippy atmosphere – happy people, a fresh new menu launched only two days ago…need we say more?! Channel the feel good vibes with our personalised Floras from our #denim&crystals collection and you won’t regret it. (@farmgirlcafe)

BobBob Ricard: Three words: Press. For. Champagne. Any place which encourages champagne consumption before the reccomended 12pm is our kind of place. Dress to impress with our bold clutches in silver and gold metallic finish. (@bobbobricard)

No.197 Chiswick Fire Station: The place to see and be seen. Take your laptop, pack your posh pens in our Edie pencilcase and prepare to spend the morning working (line through) people watching. #officegoals. (@no197chiswickfirestation)

Happy Brunching!

Pepper Alley HQ X


*Instagram Picture Credits Used Throughout*