Friday, 28 July 2017

Pepper Alley in Inside Kent Magazine!

Not so long ago, we were inspired to write a blog post all about gratitude, celebrating the little victories and embracing the successes that come our way particularly in our professional life. It comes as no surprise, then, that we were delighted to spot another one of our products in a glossy magazine!

This month, our Clara wristlet was featured in Inside Kent Magazine in a holiday inspired fashion feature and we must admit that we may have done a little victory dance (again!) around the office on finding out the news. As we discussed in our previous post, such events are an incredible mood booster around our little office - they maintain our spirits high and keep us giving it our all whether that's in production, sales, social media or customer service.

Perhaps the reason we feel such pride in spotting our beauties in these features is because we know how difficult it can sometimes be, as a small business, to get noticed and spread the word about our products. In this way, seeing that someone else appreciates our work to the extent of suggesting it to others is a metaphorical pat on the back, the icing on the cake and that extra support that may not be vital but is incredibly rewarding nonetheless.

The other incredible bonus of putting our products out there is seeing how others interpret our designs and bring them to life in the process. We sure know our leather totes, clutches and wristlets are multifunctional but using our Clara wristlet to store essentials for a day at the beach? Well, that's a genius idea, cheers Inside Kent Magazine! In this way, the distance between us and our clients is reduced and we see our bags acquire a whole new dimension, one which gives them vitality and the possibility to express our concepts (colour, practicality, pride in beautifully crafted designs) through the fabulous women who wear them.

So, here's to our next magazine feature! Once again, thank you to Inside Kent Magazine - and if you were tempted to shop our Clara, you can do so here.


Pepper Alley HQ X 

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