Friday, 1 September 2017

Hello September - an Autumn Checklist!

Autumn is one of our favourite seasons ; the new fashion, nature and the city scape changing all around us, warm drinks and concoctions returning to our coffee shops and the slow chase towards Winter inviting us all to embrace reflection, gratitude and mindfulness are only some of the factors making this season so remarkable. Perhaps, it all comes down to the youthful mentality of the brand and a childhood reverie sweeping the whole office taking us back to those first days of school, the pride in unpacking our new stationery for September and ultimately, the promise of a season to embrace change and truly give our deepest desires a shot.

In no particular order, this Autumn we will be:

Buying Into the Back to School Mentality (Literally!)

New shoes, new uniform, new many of these things did you look forward to as a child before the beginning of the New School Year? This year, we will be sticking to stationery and treating ourselves to all the office goodies - gorgeous pencil cases included!

Spreading the Pepper Alley Love

Yes, the rumours are true, by joining our exclusive mailing list you will be able to receive a 10% discount from your next purchase on the website. Think of it as our little September gift from us to you - oh and do excuse us while we tell all our friends about it!

Escaping the Autumn Rain & Appreciating All Things Indoors

While the Autumn weather in London is not necessarily something to celebrate, all the excuses we have to be retreating indoors certainly are. This Autumn we will be enjoying drinks in Covent Garden (picture courtesy of @charlottesimone) and visiting the Electric Cinema in Soho for some well deserved shelter from the rain (picture courtesy of @seryfortu).

Embracing Autumn Fashion

From the art of power dressing (blog post coming very soon!) to leather being back in (as if we need an excuse to wear more of it!) , we will be wearing and documenting all our AW17 favourites! Oh and if the run up to Bonfire Night means we will have to embrace our inner magpie, we will do so with our gorgeous metallic clutches.

Trying (and hopefully succeeding!) to Be More Mindful

Excuse us for thinking a little too far ahead on this one but the run up to Christmas / End of the Year always makes us stressed, completely exhausted and burnt out. However, this year, we vow to do things differently and remember to take some time off to ourselves from the start of the season. A solo coffee here and a yoga session there will remind us to grab some mindful moments and will make the end of year festivities easier to manage and all the more enjoyable.

What is on your to - do list this Autumn?


Pepper Alley HQ X

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