Sunday, 21 January 2018

Pantone - 183838 Ultra Violet // Our Wish For 2018!

Let us begin by saying that yes, Prince's Purple Rain may have been playing on loop in the making of this post and no, we are definitely not sorry. If you didn't know (where have you been?!), in the Pantone world of all things colourful, Ultra Violet has been announced as the 2018 colour of the year.

As explained by Pantone, the mystical and spiritual characteristics of this colour have always been used by influencers as symbols of their individuality. The introspective quality of this colour has also made it popular in spaces for meditation and reflection whereas its cool blue base links it perfectly to the contemporary world where news apps and technological inventions are at the order of the day.

We are thrilled with this colour choice for 2018 as purple has been inspiring us for a little while over at Pepper Alley HQ as you may have seen in our previous blog posts....

(Pictures courtesy of Pinterest)

Ultra Violet has been described as a colour which lights the way for what is yet to come; perhaps this is the message that resonates with us the most and inspires our craftsmanship. This colour hints at the pursuit of discovering one's own creative potential and the limitless opportunities that can arise from sharing it with the world. 

Ultimately, this is our goal; creating something beautiful and functional which can offer glimpses of infinity for the men and women wearing it - what are they doing? Where are they going? What are their goals? We want them to know that those dreams that seem so out of reach, as vast and limitless as the night sky, can be at arm's length with the right attitude (and bag!). Here is our selection of Ultra Violet goodies to help you push the boundaries and express your potential:

And how could we forget our iconic Celine London Liberty Lining? Hidden within our Eva Clutch bags, they embody the Ultra Violet vision perfectly; a small mystical addition to elevate the mundane and unleash the potential of those who wear it! 

While we may have giggled and jokingly hinted on our Instagram about previously agreeing the colour of the year with Pantone over the phone, what we really want our clients to take away from this colour synergy is not only Pepper Alley's attention to innovative detailing and new trends but also our wish to our clients for 2018. This can be summarised in two key messages as beautifully expressed by Ultra Violet and its characteristics; don't hesitate to seek moments of inner reflection and refuge from this 'overstimulated' world, as Pantone writes, but also enjoy discovering the magic within you and use 2018 as a clean slate to release your full potential.

Get ready to paint 2018 in....Ultra Violet - and remember to shop the blog post here.


Pepper Alley HQ X 

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