Saturday, 21 April 2018

#StyleHighlights - Meghan Markle

You can't open a magazine without stumbling across an article about her,  her face is everywhere on the news and social media is obsessed with her style and effortless make up - yes, Meghan Markle is definitely the lady of the moment and with her wedding to Prince Harry set for the 19th May at Windsor Castle, we can't see the 'Markle Phenomenon' ending anytime soon.

With her impeccable make up and effortless style, it is clear that Meghan is a style chameleon at ease both on set and attending royal engagements. We love Markle's style (hello Rachel Zane's power suits!) and can't deny she is half of one of the cutest power couples. To us, she embodies the Pepper Alley girl perfectly; energetic, ambitious and with a soft heart for good causes. Here are our top highlights from Meghan Markle's style and, since we are feeling generous, our top tips for stealing her look on a budget.

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Busy Bee -Like all Pepper Alley girls, Meghan is a busy gal. The former actress is a keen yoga fan, used to run her own lifestyle website and is now super busy with wedding planning and royal events. However, this hectic lifestyle does not seem to phase Meghan who, following her mother's example, takes pride in her healthy lifestyle and practises meditations and yogic breathing. Our tip to steal her off - duty style? Store all your essentials in a Clemmie tote and remember to take a step back and just breathe when it all gets too much.

(picture via Pinterest)

Natural Beauty - The trick to Meghan's effortless beauty looks? Investing in long term, quality treatments that don't break the bank. We're thinking deep conditioning masks (Meghan swears by them to tame her curly locks!), plenty of oils and moisturisers and a facial or two to treat your skin. We love storing all our beauty favourites in one of our clutches which we keep on our bedside table - what's best than your products working super hard while you get your beauty sleep? Not to mention being able to reach all your essentials without moving from bed - a lazy girl's dream!

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Minimalism (with a twist!) - Whilst occasionally surprising us with a pop of colour or a metallic hue, Meghan's style strength is definitely in her clean silhouettes and minimal neutrals which she dresses up or down depending on the occasion. Steal her daytime look by matching a tailored shirt with a hint of red and for some evening glamour, keep your look understated with a blush Flora clutch.

We hope you enjoyed our style highlights for this soon - to - be royal bride (and babe!). Remember to tweet us @Pepper_Alley to suggest which other stars you would like us to feature. Oh and follow us on Instagram for our #stylesteals like the one below - our team have a sharp eye when it comes to luxury handbags!


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