Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Perfect Wedding Guest

It's officially wedding season! Let's face it, there is nothing quite like a wedding to truly divide people. There are those who buy into the free bar, the singles' table and the first dance whereas others shudder at the thought of being confined with their family (or worse, other people's families) in a small space, perhaps in the middle of nowhere without wifi and with the dread of forced laughter through speeches to look forward to.

Here at Pepper Alley, we love weddings. We love the magic of them, the build up, helping brides find the perfect accessory and simply soaking up all the good vibes that only a wedding can bring.

However, weddings can be treacherous little occasions and we may find ourselves tripping over a wedding faux pas or two. Luckily, Pepper Alley HQ is here to help - after avidly watching the Royal Wedding and poring over every little detail, we thought we would put together a little post packed with tips and advice on wedding fashion. After all, who can blame us for taking a little inspiration from the wedding of the year?

Pattern like a Princess! - Who says that only pastels and block colours will do for weddings? Don't be afraid to shake things up with a little pattern especially if it's one of this season's chosen shades such as orange, emerald or the 2018 favourite, Ultraviolet. Still a little uncertain on embracing a bold pattern? Keep your outfit minimal chic and let our Liberty Lining do the talking.

 (Picture via Elle UK)

Opting for Comfort -   One of the most iconic moments of the Royal Wedding was certainly Serena Williams revealing her trainers which, she later explained,  she often wears on these occasions in order to be comfy for long nights. Serena is absolutely right - there is way too much fun to be had at a wedding to allow your fashion choices to hold you back. With the multitude of options available to us, there is no need to compromise style over comfort. Our top tip aside from opting for comfortable footwear? Choosing a clutch that is large enough to fit all you need for the big day. Our Flora clutches come in an array of shades and are delightfully roomy to store all your essentials.

(Photo via Harper Bazaar)

In Ode of NOT Playing it Safe -  When it comes to wedding fashion, we have heard it all before - 'Opt for muted palettes! Blush pink and navy always do the trick! Stick to what you know!'. Honestly ladies, the list could definitely go on. While navy hues and blush pinks always look smart and put together (in fact, there were a few ladies who opted for light pinks including Serena Williams), we couldn't help but be completely and utterly drawn to Amal Clooney's sunshine yellow number. Warm, bright enough to be glamorous yet easily pared back with minimal shoes and accessories, yellow could definitely become an unlikely contender for wedding guest colour of the year. What do you think? We love it when paired with metallics to amp up the volume for the evening or with a nude palette to keep things classy for a traditional service.

(Picture via Pinterest)

See you on the dance floor - we'll be the ones dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies!

Happy Wedding Season!


Pepper Alley HQ X 

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