Sunday, 27 January 2019

Our New Year Fashion Resolutions

Happy Sunday! We can't quite believe the month of January is almost over. We must admit, however, that we are not too disappointed in saying goodbye to the post Christmas blues, freezing cold weather and severe lack of funds in our bank account. Yes, we are so ready to embrace the warmth of February before we can finally hop into Spring and embrace all the fashion the season has to offer. Before that, however, we thought we'd give you the lowdown on our New Year Fashion Resolutions - they may be a little overdue, but we are fully embracing these good habits after this dreary month of January and all the way into 2019.

- Shop Less and Well 

  (Pictured : Clemmie Tote in Charcoal)

A high street find here, an impulse Asos order there.....we are so guilty of over buying and ending up with a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories we will never wear. For this reason, we have decided to not only buy less this year but also ensure that what we do buy is of high quality and will last for more than a season. There is nothing better than investing in pieces that become trusted allies in our wardrobe and we are looking forward to shop consciously. 

- Invest in Personalisation 

                                         (Pictured: Clemmie Tote in Blush and Polly keyring in Blush)

Embracing personalisation in all its forms makes such a difference. Think of, for example, how some clever tailoring can completely transform a pair of high street trousers or how a touch of personalisation on an accessory enhances the simplest of accessories. These little adjustments are relatively inexpensive and we can't wait to elevate our everyday outfits with some quirky additions or simple alterations to our staple pieces. 

- Embrace a pop of colour 

(Pictured: Gold Flora Clutch)
When it comes to everyday minimalism, we love black and neutrals for that effortless city style. It's so easy to find yourself in a style rut however and even the palest of pastels can appear, at once, intimidating for seasoned monochrome wearers. For this reason, we shall be easing ourselves into brighter shades in order to fall in love with colour all over again. Our recipe for success? Simple - we will channel Spring elegance with the palest of corals and delicious sunshine yellow details. For those days where we simply can't renounce our monochrome wardrobe, we will pair our outfit with metallic shades. Finally, a  bold pop of colour peeking through our clutch will also add much needed depth for glamorous evening outfits. 

What are your New Year's Fashion Resolutions? We would love to know.


Pepper Alley HQ X 

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